Our staff are always continuing their education with professonal development. We explore the constant changing teaching methods and enjoy the opportunity of setting up our individual classrooms.  We are constantly working on our curriculum but maintain our goals that we believe nurture children’s learning. We use a thematic curriculum in the activities we do with the kids. Every day during the school year all of our children will be involved in a preschool or a pre-kindergarten class. We focus on the whole child and work with their individual personalities.
Our activities are in the fields of:
  • Art & Music
  • Math & Science
  • Language
  • Social skills
  • Outdoor play
  • Movement

We love watching our children learn by doing things independently while  we provide them with an endless amount of enthusiasm as well as tools to explore with.  Our child care center is filled with toys, games,  books and computers. Our preschool and pre-kindergarten class days involve both directed and non directed activites, small and large motor control activities, problem solving and respecting those around us. Every day is a fun learning experience.
    The outside areas for our children to enjoy are: our swimming pool, our children swim twice daily during the summer. We love the 3 large playgrounds, grassy ball areas, tar , 4 square, hopscotch and basketball area.

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